Picture by James, age 7


Gosh! Kids started from a belief that everyone has the gift to create. We aim to train up a child in the way that their artistic gift will not be lost but nurtured to reach its potential.

At Gosh! Kids, we curate creative pop-up workshops and specialise in teaching photography to children from ages 4 - 16. We focus on building workshops that are experiential and original to its own.

Meet Miss G

(Our Captain at Gosh! Kids)



This is Miss G (also known as Teacher Gladys). Miss G is a creative children's educator and a visual artist based in Singapore.

She has been actively serving in various creative children's activities. Her recent project includes being a Playmaker at the Children's Creative Centre (Playeum), a volunteer for the SuperheroME project.

Miss G was also involved in some humanitarian work (eg. self esteem teaching, identity acceptance, simple conversational english) and taught at local schools and villages in Chiangmai, Thailand from 2011 - 2013. She is also a visual artist that specialises in creative photography. Her works are a dedication to her love of colours; often characterised around the concept of child-likeness and play - sometimes also triggers your sense of wonder.  

More than just an educator, Miss G hopes to be an influencer and encourager to your child's creative confidence. 

You can view her works or ask her questions at www.gladyssoh.com.