Picture by Emily, age 9


Art, Design & Photography Classes - At your homes

(ages 4 - 16)


You can enjoy our creative classes at your preferred day and timing at the comforts of your own home. We make our creative sessions feasible for you and your child's busy schedule. 

Through in-home creative classes, your child will get to explore different creative mediums (eg. acrylic painting, printmaking, stop motion animation etc) through different creative forms. We hope to help foster a creative environment in your homes. 

*All materials included

Trial Classes

Duration: 1hr per session, once a week

Fee: $50

Little Minions (ages 4 to 6)  

Duration: 1 hr per session  

Fee: 4 Sessions - $220 

Captains (ages 7 to 12)

Duration: 1.5hrs per session, once a week

Fee:  4 Sessions - $280

Super Captains (ages 13 to 16)

Duration: 1.5hrs per session, once a week  

Fee: 4 Sessions - $300

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