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Past Workshops: Make Your Own Film Camera

Gosh!'s inaugural pop-up experience for the young and young at heart! 


For ages 7 & up (June 2016)

Gosh!'s inaugural pop-up experience is "Make Your Own Camera Workshop" in June 2016, organised in conjunction with Gifted Artists Studio. Each young explorer went on a trip through time as they learnt the magic to making their own disposable film cameras with recycled materials and (re)discover the exciting world of pinhole photography!


For Friends & Families (July 2016)

In May 2016, our participants got a blast from the past experience. In this workshop, our participants, together with their friends and families, learnt to design and make their very own disposable film camera using simple recycled materials, and shot some vintage-looking photos.

Each happy participant brought home their hand-made pinhole cameras to take photos and develop the negatives at their local shops, at their own leisure.