Picture by Emily, age 9

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Mother’s Day Photography Workshop

(ages 7 - 12)


This is a special photography workshop curated for mother’s day! It is a mum & child workshop for kids from ages 7 to 12 year olds. In this workshop, mum & child will learn some tips and tricks of basic portrait photography, get a special tea time treat and take home portraits of mum. Children will..

  • Learn how to use a compact digital camera

  • Learn to basic tips and tricks to portrait photography.

*All Materials Included: Compact Digital Camera with a memory card. Let us know if you wish to bring your own cameras. 

Dates: 11 May 2019 (Saturday)

Time: 2pm - 4pm

Fee: $65 per parent-child pair (inclusive of a special teatime treat!)

Venue: Food For Tots , Jacob Ballas Children's Garden 

1H, Cluny Road #01-K1, Singapore 259604

Workshop Schedule -

Welcome + Introduction (15 mins)

  • Meet & Greet

  • Introduction to portrait photography

  • Kids will learn how to use the camera, basic tips and tricks to taking portraits

Hands on: Picture taking (45 mins)

  • Mums and kids will explore Jacob Ballas Garden together

  • Kids will take photos of their mothers and learn to direct the shot

Hands on: Craft Time (45 mins)

  • Mums and kids will pick their favorite photo from the series of “portraits of mum” and get them printed

  • Mums and kids will decorate the photo frame together while enjoying a special tea time treat from Food For Tots

  • Kids will write a secret special mother’s day card for their mums.

Review (15 mins)

  • Kids will take turns to talk and share their lovely portrait of their mums to other participants

What will participants bring home?

  • Their favourite mum portrait in a frame and a diy Mother’s Day card

  • Gallery link to the series of “portraits of mum”

Things to Note:

  • This workshop is for children aged 7yrs to 12 yrs

  • All materials for the workshop will be provided e.g. Compact Digital Cameras with memory card, hands-on materials

  • Duration: 2hrs